INTERVIEW OF DR. ABHISHEK SRIVASTAV (Author/ Motivational Speaker/ Student Coach/ Columnist)

We bring you the interview with Dr. Abhishek Srivastav, an author, speaker and coach. He is a visionary man with the mission to transform the lives of students and bring a radical shift in their mindsets.

Let’s have a look at his story.

I am Dr. Abhishek Srivastav. I am an Author/ Motivational Speaker/ Student Coach/ Content Writer. I take people from their dreams to destiny. I help and empower people. I make people achieve their goals.

While I was suffering terribly with severe depression and suicidal thoughts, I helped myself to overcome this chronic predicament. My painful tragedy and horrifying circumstances pushed me harder to help and transform people. At that very time, I decided to become a Motivational Speaker. As a matter of fact, this idea of becoming a transformational speaker came through my mind the moment I had to face the challenges and calamities of life. I made up my mind that I would help as many people as I could.

The list of my struggles is endless. In fact, everybody has a painful story. My case is no different. Life is all about struggles and challenges. It’s a roller coaster. Defying the infirmities of life and overcoming all the challenges make us a true man. Sincerely speaking, one of the biggest struggles of my life was that I had a breakup in my life while I was studying in class 12th. It shattered my life deplorably. I found it extremely overwhelming to strike a balance between my personal life and student life. My inner strength actually helped me overcome it. It didn’t stop there. Life continued to throw traumatic experiences one after another. But I stood like a rock & blew all the obstacles away. Mental toughness, physical endurance & grit can really change the game.

I personally feel that I am not too big or too great. All I’m trying to do is to contribute to this society by making people realize their true potential and thus enabling them to achieve their goals. As far as my achievements are concerned, I think, let the audience decide it. However, if you ask me to speak about my achievements, I feel happy to share that I represented India in an International Webinar for Bangladesh. There were around 1500 people watching me live and 1200 comments were made from Egypt, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, UAE, Bangladesh & India. Secondly, I have been honoured by the Sardar Community in front of the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr. Tarkishore Prasad. I offered my book to him & he encouraged me. On top of that, he congratulated me for writing a book.

My book is basically about Scientific Motivation. It talks about time-tested principles of excellence. It teaches us how we can turn adversity into an advantage; a breakdown into a breakthrough; a stumbling block into a stepping stone. The chapters like Mindset, Motivation, Handling Failure, Conquering Fear, Passion, Competition, Leadership etc. offer insightful wisdom. One can get tremendous results if the principles of my book are put into action. Besides, I am also a Columnist/ Content Writer for magazines named Education Now, Corporate Insight & Gurucool Publishing.

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My message to everyone is — Let us make this world a beautiful place to live in where we are measured by the content of our character. Social justice, gender equality, women empowerment, economic equilibrium must become the soul & heart of every nation.

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